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How to Create a Songs Downloading Website in WordPress

Create Mp3 Website and Earn upto $2000/Month with Google AdSense.

Hi there, Hope all of you doing well! Today in this post I’m going to share with you a step-by-step guide about How to create an Mp3 Songs Downloading Website using WordPress.


You might see sites like NaaSongs and Pagalworld, Which have Millions of Organic Traffic With Google AdSense Ads. This means they are making a good amount of money from these sites.

A few years back Google doesn’t allow ads on an Mp3 website because of Copyrighted Content. but as of now, every song is Freely available on Other sites as well as youtube. That’s why AdSense is now Approving Mp3 Songs Downloading websites.

Now you can also make a website like Pagalworld by following our guide in this Article.

Create an Mp3 Songs Downloading Website

Now we will make a Fully functional Mp3 Website on WordPress. Not only Create a site but also give you some insight Secrets of This Niche and SEO Ranking factors. We have divided this tutorial into 3 Parts:

1) Domain and Hosting.

2) Set up The Website like PagalWorld.

3) SEO and Rankings.

4) Extra Tips & Tricks for AdSense Approval

1) Domain and Hosting

First, let’s started with the basic Hosting and Domain. To create any kind of website you need these 2 Things.

For Good Hosting we recommend you to go with Hostinger, This is a very Fast, reliable, and Affordable Hosting company. Buy the Premium Web Hosting Plan for 1 Year, with this Hosting Plan you will get one Free .com Domain Name.

For Domain names, You have to choose a Short or Branded name that must Relate to your Niche (Example: PaglaSongs.com, PagalMp3.com, PagalDJ.com)

You also, need another server or CDN Storage to store those Mp3 Files. We never recommend hosting Websites and Mp3 Files on a Single Server/Hosting, because it will slow down your main Site.

You can go with BunnyCDN or AdvancedHosting.com, they Provide Storage CDN for File Sharing Websites.

After Setting up your Storage Server and Website, Install WordPress and follow the next Section.

2) Make a Website Like PagalWorld

To make an Mp3 Music Downloading Website like PagalWorld, you need a Theme that Looks the same as well as Gives you Full Function to Upload Mp3 Music. As of now, there is a Theme Available for WordPress except the PagalWorld HD WordPress theme.

PagalWorld HD is a Clone Theme for Mp3 Downlaoding Site, and it is Avilable for WordPress. You get an interface to Upload Mp3 Music and the Design is as same as Original Pagal World Website. This a Paid theme starts from $12 to $35. You can check the Demo look.


So Buy The PagalWorld Theme from Here, Then install it on your WordPress Website. Create essitiantial Pages, Logo, Icon, and Menus.

Start Uploading Songs with Song Album, Artist, Singers, and Writer’s Detailes.

3) SEO and Rankings

This is very important factor of a every Website, without Ranking you will never get Organic Traffic and nore Make any money from the site. To Rnak a Website you need to do SEO for your Website.

As you are using Our Theme(PagalWorldHD), your 90% On-SEO has been already done. Because this theme is Fully SEO Optimized with automatic Title and Description Genartor of Songs, Singers, Alnum, Writers, and Tags. if you put a Song name ‘Koi Mil Gaya‘ then the Theme will atumatically ads rest of the content and make a proper title ‘Koi Mil Gaya Mp3 Song Download‘. Not only the Title but Also Generate a SEO Friendly Meta Description.

Auto FAQ Schema: Yes The Pagalworld theme Capable of Auto Schema Generator. if you upload a Song with proper information, Then it will Automatically Generate 5 FAQ Schema for that Song. You can checkout the demo here.

Pagalworld Schema

This screenshot is taken from the DEMO Website.

Along with thses you can use bothe Yoast SEO and Rnak Math SEO Plugin for more optimization.

4) Extra Tips & Tricks for AdSense Approval

If you want to get AdSense Approval on your Mp3 Songs Downloading website, then follow these proven technique.

  • Do not upload any new songs.
  • Upload Only Old Movies Songs Relesed before Year 2000.
  • Upload total 200-500 Songs With Proper Song Details.
  • After 2 Month of the Site Age, Apply for AdSense.

There is 95% Chance that Your AdSense will be Approved.

Why I’m telling you to Upload Old Songs?

Beacuse mostly new Relased Songs have High Chance of getting a DMCA Notice. Besides there are almost No DMCA if you upload OLD Bollywood Songs.

Also, I reccommand you to not use lots of Ads on your Site. Make sure to turn on auto Ads and Manually Set 2-3 Ad Codes on the site with WordPress Ads Inserter Plugin.


Hope you have get Enough information about Creating a Songs Downlaoding Site or Mp3 Wewbsite. There is no Single Article on this topic in the Internet. So make sure to Share this post with your Friends and Groups. Still if you have any Question then Ask me in the Comment section or check the FAQ Section.


Will I get DMCA Notice?

Yes, Sometimes you will get DMCA Takedown request ON Newly relased Songs.

What to do if I get DMCA Notice?

Simply Change the Song URL with new permalink, and redirect the old url to the new one.

Where to Host Files for Free?

if you use Dedicated server then you should host all the song on that server, or you can use AdVancedHosting.com

How to get PagalWorld Theme?

It is a Premium theme Developed by GODxTHEMES, you will get that theme on their Official Website.

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