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10K+ Govt. Expired Domain List

.Co.In Domains

  • agrinnovateindia.co.in
  • assampetrochemicals.co.in
  • bcplonline.co.in
  • bmrc.co.in
  • ceil.co.in
  • cspdcl.co.in
  • cttckol.bsnl.co.in
  • ddkvaranasi.co.in
  • elearning.bsnl.co.in
  • engineersindia.eil.co.in
  • fact.co.in
  • getco.co.in
  • goalmart.co.in
  • gridco.co.in
  • gsfdcltd.co.in
  • hfl.co.in
  • hp.bsnl.co.in
  • hscl.co.in
  • ir.bsnl.co.in
  • karnataka.bsnl.co.in
  • kepco.co.in
  • kolkata.bsnl.co.in
  • kpwd.co.in
  • nationalinsuranceindia.nic.co.in
  • neccoal.co.in
  • neepco.co.in
  • nsdl.co.in
  • odisha.bsnl.co.in
  • osbc.co.in
  • paschimbardhaman.co.in
  • rajasthan.bsnl.co.in
  • rttcam.bsnl.co.in
  • seci.co.in
  • tamilnadu.bsnl.co.in
  • vigilance.bsnl.co.in
  • wardhapolice.co.in
  • web.bhelhyd.co.in
  • wtr.bsnl.co.in

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Comments (65)

  1. That sir for this List I found a Domain and Start working on it.

  2. thank you so much great share

  3. bro kya kr rhe ho..easy success kyu de rhe ho sbko.. hardwork krne do sbko

    • Ha bhi sahi bolraha ho.
      Bro asa matt karo ham new log jo mehanat kar raha ha sab barbad ho jaya ga

    • 1 year ago

      Chup kar na chapli. Gov site leneke baad jo mehnat karega, wo jitega na, Yaha halat kharab hui padi hai meri. DMCA notices aa rahe hai, ek rupiya nahi kama paa raha

  4. 1 year ago

    one domain found, usme 900 backlink hai kuch gov ke hai magar domain ratin 1 hai chalega kay

  5. nice post thanks very usefull information

  6. Govt. List is not 10k+ it’s 1k+ only

  7. Amazing👍 collection of domain, thanks for this

  8. all websites are taken i am reasearch this website previous 5 day i am reseach more than 720 website but cannot find this.please ripon bhai make a video and article on deep reaseach this topic.but finally i am created this domain #haqkiaawaz.in

  9. Bhai sub leke gayi hai may 6 days se search kar raha hu meraku mila nayi hay

  10. 1 year ago

    I think I’m late, majority of domains which were available are now gone and those are left who’s expire date is in 2022, 2025, 2030, etc…

  11. 1 year ago

    kvmandla.com Available Take It Guys.

    • 1 year ago

      See history of it bro, it is used as pbn by chinese or japanese. It is now a spam site.

  12. Very nice and very good idea

  13. Mujhe lena hai expire domain

  14. I am your YouTube subscriber. I am also from Bangladesh. I am very much inspired by you.

  15. all are purchsed

  16. Wow, Awesome Domains collection. How to purchase them

  17. 1 year ago

    I have some gov domain names that I can give you. Mai blogging NHI amazon affiliate Karta hu. Email me at [email protected]

  18. Wow, Really did a great jon Ripon Bro. Huge Domains collection. But How to Purchase them please describe.

  19. goaspc.in

  20. This is what I exactly need thanks a lot

  21. I have found 2 domain
    DA 19 DR 2.3. first domain
    DA 13. DR 9. Second domain

    Which should i choose. I am getting confused between DA and DR

  22. wow, sir. thanks for sharing the list. You are such an amazing teacher

  23. 1 year ago

    vai ap ka ye wali site kaha par bani hai….
    wardpress ya bloger…..
    bloger sitepe kiya aisa site bana sakte hai josme
    comment ya kahi or jaga bloger icon na ho

  24. 1 year ago





  25. 1 year ago

    isme jyada tar normal blog or normal website link hai sabhi check kiye lekin kuch nahi mila.

  26. Wow, Awesome Domains collection. kvmandla.com Available Take It Guys.

  27. Nice share thanks

  28. Please provide domain list

  29. meri website par traffic nahi aa raha hai

  30. bro kya kr rhe ho..easy success kyu de rhe ho sbko.. hardwork krne do sbko

  31. Bhai List Adhuri Hai

  32. Very happy to get this. Thank bro..

  33. Hi Ripon Sir,
    I am looking for powerful govt expired domain, please help. I am unable to find. I shall pay your fees.
    My Name: Sandeep Naik, Pune. Contact Number: 7057541304

  34. how much time does it takes for approval of absence bro??

  35. 1 year ago

    Mai script writing work karta hu par blogging kaise suru karu

  36. 12 months ago

    Very informative article & very helpful for biginers. Thanks to publisher.

  37. Sir Thanks for this post. hope i get any one domain from this list

  38. Wow It’s Really good Information brother

  39. Amazing👍 collection of domain, thanks for this

  40. Maine ek domain is list se purchase kiya. Thanks for providing us with these websites.

  41. kiya karu ripon vai samachhme nahi ara

  42. The information you are providing is very helpful for me and other curious readers also. I am a new blogger in this huge world. I love to read articles.
    Thank You.

  43. I got one expired domain. Thank you so much Ripon bhai.

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