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SattaMatka Niche Case Study with All Data by RipoN

Description: SattaMatka is a kind of Lottery Game in India, which is a Daily basis Lucky Ticket show in India. Millions of people buy the Lottery to win huge money or prizes. Satta Matka or simply Matka is an Indian Form of Lottery which was mainly invented in India by two people named Ratan Khatri and Kalyanji Bhagat. Bass Mai Itna hi Bata sakta hoon zada English mujhe ata nehi, So kisi ko ata hai toh samjha dena mujhe Comment box mai. 😂

Niche Analysis

The is simply Lottery Ticket, Winning Number by Predication, Results, and kuch or side topics. The most trending Topic is the predicted Number of Today’s Satta Matka games.

There are Lots of Local and State level Organizations that arrange these games on a daily basis. Here are some of them.

  • ROYAL Matka
  • MAIN Matka
  • MILAN Matka
  • KALYAN Matka

Content: Nothing, Just Numbers! Everything is on the Homepage, which means Micro Niche. Hourly or Daily Data Changes.

Website Analysis

Top Sites

  • SattaMatkaMarket
  • SattaMatka.Report
  • SattaMatkaGods(Important)


There are Lots of Websites for Analysis, Among them, The SattaMatkaGods.net is the most important.


This site takes only 4 Months to Take the Number 1 position on Google and now has more than 500 million traffic per month.

I have Found 2 Reasons behind it’s Quick Ranking:

Reason 1 – First is the Backlink. This site has a Powerful Link profile from Edu Sites and Governmental Sites. Moreover, the Dofollow(31%) & Nofollow(69%) ratio is also very good. I have given the List of Backlink data below to download. You can use this list to create your own backlink from those sites.

Reason 2 -The Second reason is Initial Traffic. The Owner must Promote his site on Telegram That’s why he gets an instant boost to the search engine. As I Already Said In The video that Telegram and Youtube are the most active social media in this niche.


All Sites Made with Custom Coding, As They are not Blogger. There is no API System, everything is manual. But You can make it on WordPress more easily and update it with just a few clicks.

This is the best Advantage for you that all of the sites are using old Coding Technology like Javascript & HTML. So if you build a website on WordPress and use Other Google-recommended Things Like Using HTTPS, Pagespeed, Simple Layout, Proper On-Page, etc.

Traffic Analysis

Search EngineGoogle
Social MediaTelegram/YouTube
Targeted CountryIndia & States

Source of Traffic

Organic: 90% of Daily traffic Comes from Google Search. The Lottery Happens 3 Times in a Day, So Each Visitor comes 3 times on the same website in a single day.

India: The Matka Lottery System was born in India, So the Targeted Country is India. But You can Target a specific State also, as there are lots of organizations only work in a particular state.

Social: The Only Social Platform used in This kind of Topic is Telegram. I have found Thousands of Telegram channels on this topic with Millions of Subscribers.

Intent of Traffic

There are so Many intents behind this Topic Like For Getting Results, Prediction, and general knowledge. Among them, the Prediction intent is most Popular.

People Mainly Search for the Lucky Number of Today’s Lottery, and This is the Intent of almost 95% of Users.

Keyword Analysis

You can use AHrefs or Keyword Everywhere Tool in order to get an approx idea about Search Volum and Keyword Difficulty. Here I have shared my Own data, The KD AND Search Volume is also decided by myself. So You might get confused if you compare these with any SEO tools.

Top Keywords

सट्टा मटका5/1040M
Satta Matka7/1027M
Kalyan Result6/1019m
Kalyan Chart5/1015m
Matka Guessing4/1010M

Releted Keywords

Panel ChartN/AN/A
Result TodayN/AN/A

Chart & Penal Keywords

Ranking Secrets

There are no Secrets at all, But You can use basic SEO rules and also try my Methods like Social Traffic Boost, Blogspot Backlink, etc.

However this kind of Ranking is not stable, So I’ll like to suggest you get a domain on a longtail keyword, Use the Generatepress Theme. Create a proper Micro Niche Blog and start doing off-Page SEO. Your site will start ranking within a few months.

About Author

RipoN is a YouTuber by Hobbie and Blogger by Passion. He Loves to spread information that helps others to lives in this Digital World.

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    jab mene seo mafia join kiya tha tb hi mene apse pucha ta ki satta website pe kaam krna kaisa rhega apke ans aay ki koi idea nhi

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    techyukti.com – website par konsa theme hai and how to create design like this website.

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    sir,above website no adsense then how can they earn.could clear my doubt

  14. These websites are illegal.
    Sattamatkagods.Net user ko jail me dande khane pade hain jaake pucho usko.
    Galat chije share karna or logo ko galat activities me involve krne se tmoe b case file ho skta hai.

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