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AdSense Approval: A Step by Step Guide Checklist

Hey Buddy, Hope you are doing well, As you guys know that AdSense is one of the best ways to make money online at home. No matter you are on YouTube or the Website still you need an AdSense account in order to monetize your platform.

In Today’s Blog post I’ll give you a proven Checklist Fastest AdSense Approval.

This is 2021 and AdSense has changed their Policy and Rules of Approving a New AdSense Account, We will follow all the rules and regulations to get it approved quickly.

So, Let’s begin.

AdSense Approval Checklist

AdSense Approval in 10 Easy Steps

Follow the Below 10 steps in order to get assured AdSense Approval.

If You are busy and don’t have time to read the entire article, also have a decent knowledge about AdSense then check out this quick shortlist.

  1. Buy a Premium Domain Name (.com .in .co .net .info .xyz etc)
  2. Setup a blog on WordPress or Blogger.
  3. Install a Fresh Theme or Template.
  4. Create Additional Pages (Must – Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions)
  5. Create Navigation Menus.
  6. Verify Your site on DMCA.
  7. Choice a Niche about Product and All.
  8. Write 10 – 20 Unique Content.
  9. Properly submit your site on Google.
  10. Apply for AdSense after 30 Days.

Now if You don’t Understand that How to get AdSense Approval by checking the above shortlist then I request you to read this full article and I promise you you will get that Golden Gift!

AdSense Approval is not as easy as you know, it is a bit tough but not impossible, I’m not giving and magical Mantra, I’m guiding you about how Google Approve for AdSense. 90% of Application got rejected due to inappropriate knowledge about AdSense, So if once you cleared that how AdSense works and Why they give Approval then AdSense Approval is going to be very easy for you!

Now Read and follow each point!

Buy a Premium Domain Name

Everyone wants to start blogging without investing Zero rupees, and that was right in the past even now also, but it is very difficult. As you know Google AdSense is now a very respective Ad platform in the world, So At least Buy a Premium Domain name example .com .in .co .net .info .xyz etc.

Warning: Don’t use any Company’s registered trademark or popular words in your domain name ex: Amazon, Google, Apple.

Set up a blog on WordPress or Blogger

Of course, You need to set up a Blog site and connect that domain name. You can use both WordPress or Blogger.com it depends on you, but I preferred to use the WordPress(hey not the Free one, I’m Talking about WordPress Hosting wala)

Install a Fresh Theme or Template

Install a Fresh Theme or Template
Credit Pixabay.com

This is one of the most important things, Ads are premium and Google defiantly doesn’t want to place those paid Ads to ugly site. So make sure you have properly customized your Website with Professional Themes(Yuu Can use Free themes also here some of my recommended themes for WordPress & Blogger).

Create Additional Pages

Create Navigation Menus

After GDPR Low Google and all other Big Companies strictly follow those guidelines, So Make sure your are web site also following the same. For that, You must have to create a Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition Page. These Two pages are mandatory for each blog rather than you may have to create some additional pages like About us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Affiliate Discloser, and DMCA Copyrights(these totally depend in which topic you are blogging for).

You can use these Online Generator Tools:

Create Navigation Menus

According to Google AdSense’s Site Policy, You have to make your site easier for visitors to find our each and every content in your site. That means you have to create a proper navigation menu in which a user can navigate your blog. I recommend creating a footer menu where you can put all additional pages and a primary menu where will be all categories.

Verify Your site on DMCA


Authoritativeness is Important for prooving your site’s Information, And submitting your site to the DMCA will do that job. Simply Submit Your site on DMCA.COM and also add a badge to your site So That Google and Users both take your content seriously.

Choice a Niche about Product and All

Before Applying for AdSense You have to understand why AdSense Approves Websites! and it is very simple, That Google wants to show their Ads which have been submitted by different Advertisers and every advertiser Advertise their product and services only. So the simple Trick is you have to create content that matches those products of ads.

So when you will apply for AdSesen Google Firstly check your Content that is Advertise friendly or not.

Now I Think it is clear what type of Niche you have to select and what content you should write.

Write 10 – 20 Unique but Quality Content

According to AdSense’s Webmaster quality guidelines, You have to give Value to your content which will create a Reson for visiting readers to your site, Also try to avoid any kind of Copycat content. It means you have to write Unique but Valuable content at least 10-20 before Applying for AdSense.

Properly submit your site on Google

Google Search central

Yes! You need to submit your site to the Google Search central first, It helps AdSense to better understand The content and goal of your site.

Apply for AdSense after 30 Days

Now after completing all the requirements, You can submit your site for Google AdSense Monetization, All of the tasks take at last 30-50 days So make sure you don’t skip any of the rules I have above mentioned.

Final Verdict

Well, AdSense Approval should not be the core point for every blogger. I Strongly Suggest to newbies for focusing their Blog and Content, If You give value to your Blog you will definitely get it back more than you thought.

So My main aim for this article is to provide the cleare and right information about how to get Approval on Google AdSense.

That’s it for now, Hope you liked it, Don’t forget to let me know your feedback in the comment box!

Thank You!

About Author

RipoN is a YouTuber by Hobbie and Blogger by Passion. He Loves to spread information that helps others to lives in this Digital World.

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